Carol Stratton
6,68 MB
24 Dec 2010

Do you like to read books online? Read the What's What in a Wat : Thai Buddhist Temples ebook online. With our site it is simple. Register and download books for free. Big choice!

As you walk through a Thai temple, a host of unfamiliar objects, shapes and patterns tug at you from every direction. This handy and lucid guidebook will help you distinguish what is what. It takes you through a representative Thai Buddhist temple, guiding you from structure to structure and element to element, explaining the function and purpose of each, and the symbolism behind the forms. A Thai wat can be a place of bewildering beauty, but this illustrated companion will help you focus your eyes and identify what you see. Tourists and residents, novices and scholars will gain a clearer sense of what a wat is and the role it plays today in the lives of Thai people.

Unless you're visiting the bizarre White Temple in Chiang Rai, don't expect the Hollywood version of Buddhism in Thailand's temples. You definitely won't see any monks practicing kung fu. You definitely won't see any monks practicing kung fu.